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ZodiacChic Post:Cancer


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Four Seasons in Switzerland by Robin Halioua

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" i’m glad to hear that~! " the brunet chuckled. Sora looked at the other quiestioningly when her cheeks turned red " your face is red, are you alright? " he placed his hands on her forehead to see if she has a cold, when her face temperature was normal though, Sora just raise a brow. 

" dango huh? Sure! i’ll have some! "

"Well… I wonder why I am red? It wouldn’t be because you just ate something that was in my cheek?" Rolling her eyes, Artemisa sent a look to Sora and chuckled slightly, stopping when he put his hand in her head. "So.. Let’s go eat dango!" Saying this to divert attention of her red face, she took his hand and started walking to the dango stall.

" eh? one can get red because of that? " Sora raised a brow, obviously puzzled. Seeing as Artemisa chuckled, Sora smiled in return

"oooo! let’s go get more dango! " he grabbed the female’s small hand and dragged her to the dango stall






" hey no problem~ you’re me so i think i can quite understand how you’re feeling. " he ruffles his smaller self’s hair

Sora let out a few soft purrs at the fluffing of his hair. “So…with that awkward subject aside, this is your first time meeting another…me…you… us? I don’t really know, but trust me in saying that you might run into more.” He let out a soft chuckle. “They’re all generally pretty friendly though. It’s kind of a given considering who we are, I guess…”



" well, yeah, i don;t usually meet other me’s in some worlds, i usually meet alternative Riku’s, Axel’s and Kairi’s but not my self. " Sora let out a sheepish laugh. " i guess, i just have to look out for negative alt’s of everyone including myself. other that that, i guess, everyone is nice."

"Ohhh truest me I’ve met a few Riku’s and Axel’s too… Kinda haven’t seen any Kairi’s in a while, but…either way it’s kinda really fun to hang out with more than one of some of your friends." Sora gave a small chuckle.


" i have to agree with that but there are still strange alts, well not exactly an alt but a person who really exist only in that world and looks exactly like you…. and i mean, exactly like you, except that the personality is different. "

Heart of the Music ║ Unmei no hikari [AU]




Sora watched the silveret in amusement. He leaned his chin on his palm as he watches the other intently. Riku sure seems to enjoy himself, the brunet chuckled inwardly. Sora ate some food too but not that much. Finally deciding to speak up after a chuckle ” do you want some water? ” he asked when he saw the other finished the first batch of food. 

"hm? " Sora raised a brow, he was too caught up at watching the other that it took him a moment before responding " hey~ sure thing! i’m just happy to be able to see you enjoy yourself. " the brunet gave he other teen a warm smile. " well, from now on you won’t get hungry anymore. " Sora spoke with a grin " because you;re coming home with me! " he beamed.


♫║: The last comment caught him off guard, choking on the very water he was offered. "W-What?" he rasped, before taking a few more gulps to calm down and clear his throat.

         “I’m not going home with anyone,” he firmly declared, brows furrowing before roughly rising from his seat, the force giving a good shake to the table and a clatter from the silverware. "This some kind of a sick joke to you? This how you pick up people off the street?" He knew it. All of this was just too good to be true, and all be damned if he was gonna let himself be tricked and treated like some kind of pity-case hooker. One too many times he’s overheard the street stories of people being taken with fake displays of kindness. As good as this deal seemed to be, it just had to be laced with deception.

Whatever answer the brunet had given went ignored past the shuffling of stuff as he slung his pack onto his back and snatched up his guitar by the neck. He would be counted as a ‘dine-n-dasher’ probably, but there was no way they’d get any money out of him. Assuming they caught him anyways.

" woah, you o- " before he could finish the Silveret had begun talking and Sora just blinked in confusion

" Joke? but.. im not.. ???? " he tilted his head on the side and furrowed his brows in deep thought.

Some of the other staff in the cafe, face palmed, seeing as Sora was too Honest and Naive. A flying newspaper came and hit Sora in the head. Hard. It came from the counter. “ow! “

Tifa glared at Sora and said something about not just deciding to bring home a stranger.

" but, if we can be friends then he won’t be a stranger anymore! and i wanna be his friend. " the brunet replied with a smile which received another hopeless sighs and face palms from his co-workers.

When the silveret stood up and started to walk away, Sora got up and Quickly blocked his path ” c’mon, don’t be like that! i just want to help! ” he looked at the aqua blue-green eyes of the silver haired male, with his sincere and honest deep blue ones.He really wanted to help the guitarist, since the first day he had saw him.

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ℬitter ℬites || unmei-no-hikari Rp



When Sora heard what Riku said he quickly agreed and called over the maids and butlers too ” yea! cmon’ and join us!! ” Sora heard some of the maids giggle which made him smile happily.

He then turned to Riku ” naa! i didn’t say i was lonely… i’m just.. well.. i just thought it’s fun eating together ” the brunet pouted as his cheeks turned a light shade of pink. Noticing that the chairs in the dining table had started to be filled with people, Sora reverted back to his happy mood and was about to talk to to one of the maids  when he saw Riku snatch his strawberry ” o-oi! thats mine! “ 

Even though he’s in a world where only look alikes of his real friends exist, he still felt like he was home. The keyblade weilder was having fun.


♛ || Cyan eyes glanced over, smiling as he ate the strawberry treat with enjoyment of the expression Sora gave him. He felt devious this morning, even a little loquacious to be honest. Either way, joy was filled in the room as he called someone to bring more to the table for all to eat.  “Ne, it’s not like you were going to eat it~” He teased lightly, smiling, but not so much to bare his fangs to the ones in the room. Just because he had them, didn’t mean show them off. 
♛ || "Still, if it makes you happy they will bring more, besides, I might just eat them all. They are my favorite in the whole world.." A shrug to the shoulders as he leaned back against his chair, watching the maids murmur and squeal about something he wasn’t really sure of, but dismissed it. "The town will be pleasant today, so maybe we all could go out, even for a little bit. You all are under my protection so eh..except for you." Poking Sora’s nose for he knew the male was strong enough to handle himself, unless he really needed his help. "You are stronger than me, so."

" i was- " with a quick look at the vampire’s plate, he saw an opening and quickly took one piece of his food by fork. " itadakimasu~! " and quickly nommed it.

Hearing the silverette’s word, Sora looked into nothing and wondered out loud then what if i’m a stawberry then? ” as if he said nothing, he quickly recovered from his thoughts.


" ohohohoho~? " Sora grinned, an imaginary sparkle surrounding him, " what is this i hear? " he stopped for a bit to look at Riku teasingly " could it be that the vampire lord is actually a damsel in distress and would like protection from the ohh so mighty keyblade master? "

A coincidence. || AU!Sora | unmei-no-hikari||




" sure thing. " he nodded as he smiled kindly. 

" well, Cloud is my boss, slash, uncle.. so " he laughed nervously as he nodded again, " i guess you’re right. let’s get going then,. " he motioned her into his bicycle and slowly started to pedal/ " hold on to alright? don’t want you falling now. " 


Sitting in Sora’s bicycle, Artemisa nodded softly and took a strong grip, not wanting to fall off a moving vehicle, even if that vehicle was just a bicycle. “So, if you get in trouble during work, it can affect you outside of it.. Then sorry again for delaying you from finishing your work.” She was starting to feel slightly guilty, after all, she was interrupting his job, and he was doing her a favor without her doing anything in return.

Sora chuckled ” like i said, it’s alright. “ 

Quickly, Sora finished his delivery and was quickly scolded by Cloud but as he explained what happened, the blond did not mid and just brushed his late delivery, off that day.

" hmm, so where do you want the tour to begin? " the brunet spoke as he stood beside his bike looking at the petit female.

unmei-no-hikari whispered: Roxas! kiss me!! *makes kissy face*


Find a way to make my muse kiss yours.

The blond arches a brow as he turns to face him then cracks up laughing at the face Sora was making. “Y’know you could say please, I’d be a bit more likely to kiss you that way. Ohh alright..” After a long moment he sighs then leans over and presses a light kiss to his cheek.

"well it worked didn’t it? "