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Then it speaks “AOBA”



A box of baby bengals

"What? No, I’m sorry, I ordered half a dozen mini bagels —”
"Shut up, we’re keeping them."


If you asked me why I created this I just would not have the answer.

track name: ENAMEL -FULL VER.-
artist: SID
album: ENAMEL
play count: 42699


ENAMEL - Full ver. by SID

Full Opening - Book Of Circus 


Cats in love

I am constantly torn between wanting to improve myself and wanting to destroy myself.

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"Yeah, I guess that would be kinda weird…" Sora gave a small nod. "and sometimes the personality could be waaaay different. Like this one me that I know… or at least I assume he’s me, he looks like a Sora but… at the same time, he doesn’t? He’s really… creepy. Like sharp teeth and weird markings and always talking about weird stuff creepy."



 ” uwa,! i saw him too! ” he exclaimed. ” though, i never really stayed in the world for too long as i only went to a quick errend for the three fairies. ” he smiled. Remembering the creepy alt of his, he laughed awkwardly ” though, remembering that guy.. makes me think of… an alien verion of us? ahaha..haha..haa…. “ 

"Oh, he’s definitely some kind of alien…" Sora said, giving a small nod. Like a while ago he was commenting about…something or other, I don’t really remember what. But he made some comment about being… kind of related to slugs or something? Like. he wouldn’t admit that he said it though." He muttered. "Definitely mysterious, if ya ask me."


" s…. Slugs???" Sora commented, slightly creeped out. " agreed.. add creepy to that. " he stood there trying to imagine this alt self o f his but the image that keeps popping in his mind was just too freaky that he had to shake his head an shiver " anyway… " changing the subject was the only thing to set his mind off his imagination " how about other Lea’s and Leon’s ? met any? "

Reunion ║ Unmei-no-hikari


Just what was his problem? A small part of him could understand why Sora would be upset, having not seen him in so long, but lashing out like that? It was so unlike him.

What really happened while he was away? Were Sora’s missions that much more difficult because he could handle them? Or was it because of the distance itself? Sora had searched far and wide for his best friend, who just cowardly watched from afar in the shadows. But that was over now, there wasn’t any reason to hide from the light anymore. Maybe anything Riku had said sounded more like an excuse than the truth for their separation. It really wasn’t his fault though…

An exasperated sigh left his lips before they creased into a firm line from those murky thoughts. Somehow even the sunset seemed less brilliant now, but then again it was setting and nightfall would be upon them soon. Barely a step after turning his heel, downcast hues found bright yellow shoes, soon rising to meet the now apologetic gaze of the brunet.

Arms folded over his chest for a moment as another once-over was given. Sora’s overall demeanor seemed back to normal, but a small part of the older male wished to know the real reason why emotions were hot to begin with.


But Riku could never stay mad at Sora, giving in with a little shake of his head. “Don’t worry about it. You and I just had rough times without each other, that’s all,” he replied. “Stressed out from all of this, yeah.”

" i-it’s just…. man i feel stupid, " the brunet scratched his head obviously embarrassed as he also felt awkward. Being all alone all this time, took a toll on Sora, he found it difficult to even communicate to people now.

Sora wnated to ask so many questions yet his mind is telling him other wise. What good would it bring if he asks those kind of questions anyway? and he shouldn’t be thinking about his friend that way.

Sora remembered his past time when he finishes his mission early, he didn’t know why but something inside him just loved that place ” uhh.. how about we go up? ” he pointed at the clock tower. ” we do have a lot of catching up to do…. ” He said awkwardly as he jumped on the wall of the clock tower, and ran to reach the top. As he arrived, the brunet sat at his usual spot, gazing at the sunset waiting for Riku to follow.

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