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unmei-no-hikari whispered: Roxas! kiss me!! *makes kissy face*


Find a way to make my muse kiss yours.

The blond arches a brow as he turns to face him then cracks up laughing at the face Sora was making. “Y’know you could say please, I’d be a bit more likely to kiss you that way. Ohh alright..” After a long moment he sighs then leans over and presses a light kiss to his cheek.

"well it worked didn’t it? "

sensualroxas whispered: Smiling a bit more the blond wraps his arms tighter around him and leans up against him. "I missed you too Sora. Would you please try and let me know if you're ever gonna be gone that long before you leave again?"


" of course~ i plan to do that .. i don’t want to leave you again… i’ll miss you again too much. " 

Quick Break


artist: T太
komoryku whispered: [-pets pets- Don't worry about those people babu! You're true friends will always be here for ya!]

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i guess you’re right. thank you. }}

ℬitter ℬites || unmei-no-hikari Rp



" that’s great! if they care for you like their own, it’s nice and it makes me glad. because it means you’re not alone right? " Sora spoke as he stuffed some bread on his mouth, but chewing slowly, " since i always thought you were aloof kind of vampire it made me sad. So im happy to know you have people to care for you" the brunet continued eating , a smile on his face with every bite " man they sure know how to cook, everything is delish! " turning to Riku , he nodded in understanding " that’s good! then let’s have them join us now! it’s rather lonely being the two of us eating~ " Sora waved at the maids that was looking at them from afar, calling them. " mission? you sound too uptight when you say it like that, " Sora chuckled


-♛- }"Well, I don’t mean too. I would have called it exploring the world, but that made me sad to think you left. It’s silly." He said with a teasingly smile upon his face, the rest of the maids and butlers listening to the conversation, smiling like children. Riku glanced past Sora to smile and nod at them. “Get everyone here to eat with us, it’s what family does, besides, Sora’s lonely, don’t make him sad.” A joke to get them all coming from here and there to join up with them to eat and actually sit to enjoy what they had cared so nicely to fix. They started to slowly come and fill up the rather large table so that now it wasn’t so empty to look at. Riku found himself smiling with contentment for the idea to be made, and watching them all chat like a normal family. He leaned over towards Sora to steal his strawberry before acting like there was nothing wrong with what he just did. "Anyway, we can all take a trip, but I can’t protect them all though."

When Sora heard what Riku said he quickly agreed and called over the maids and butlers too ” yea! cmon’ and join us!! ” Sora heard some of the maids giggle which made him smile happily.

He then turned to Riku ” naa! i didn’t say i was lonely… i’m just.. well.. i just thought it’s fun eating together ” the brunet pouted as his cheeks turned a light shade of pink. Noticing that the chairs in the dining table had started to be filled with people, Sora reverted back to his happy mood and was about to talk to to one of the maids  when he saw Riku snatch his strawberry ” o-oi! thats mine! “ 

Even though he’s in a world where only look alikes of his real friends exist, he still felt like he was home. The keyblade weilder was having fun.

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" ohhh~~ Roxas will give me a cute name too? " Sora said playfully, sounding excited " what shall it be i wonder? " with that he chuckled.

After a moment, Sora finished his ice cream.

"Mmm, yeah I will just need to think about it for a minute." The blond couldn’t help but start smiling over at him and runs his fingers through his hair.

He finishes up his ice cream then purses his lips in thought. “Hmm.. For some reason all I can think of his songbird but I don’t know if it fits..”

" s-song bird? " Sora suddenly raised a brow obviously pussled and somehow a bit amused.

" and how can you say that? have you even heard me sing? " he grinned his usual grin revealing his canines

A coincidence. || AU!Sora | unmei-no-hikari||


"Thank you Sora." Smiling, she nodded and let the male take her books. After he dd that, she started walking to the bike with him.


"Well, I don’t know who Cloud is, but I am pretty sure he won’t kill you… Just scold you eternally." Chuckling softly, she hoped into the bicycle and hugged Sora to maintain balance. "Well, let’s go. The longer we stay here, the worst you scold is going to be."

" sure thing. " he nodded as he smiled kindly. 

" well, Cloud is my boss, slash, uncle.. so " he laughed nervously as he nodded again, " i guess you’re right. let’s get going then,. " he motioned her into his bicycle and slowly started to pedal/ " hold on to alright? don’t want you falling now. " 

vampireriku whispered: You’re it! Rules are: copy this message to ten other beautiful blogs who you think deserve this message! Keep the game going and make everyone feel beautiful! (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

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sensualroxas whispered: "I got a little worried when you didn't come around for a while.." Roxas whispers quietly after a short moment passes then glances up at the brunet with a slight smile. "Glad that you're ok though and that you're here now."


" un. " Sora nodded gently as he caressed Roxas’ cheeks. 

" and i promise you i will not be going anywhere anytime soon. " the brunet spoke softly, his brows knitting slightly together, suddenly he aembraced the blond " i missed you so much… "

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Eya omaratachi! miss me?? it has been a very long while but now im back and im here to stay. !!! 

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anyway, yeah. im back~ }}

naturalborn-hitman whispered: Hi~



Put a “Hi” in my ask & I’ll answer:


1. First impression: "ahhh!! a Yamamoto rper!! *inner fanboy then suddenly gets flooded by memories and feels of khr all over again* the way she play him is so right on too!! "
2. Truth is: i smile like an idiot whenever i see you online ( / w \ )
3. How old do you look: ( o 3 o) can’t say yet, maybe if i see a photo of you.
4. Have you ever made me laugh: YES 
5. Have you ever made me mad:  no
6. Best feature trait: your sweetness~ ( - w -) 
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: hmm, not really. but, who knows?
8. You’re my: friend~!!!
9. Name in my phone: none
10. Should you post this too? of course!

image ”S-Sora…”

[*forever latches to you* akdjgdk You do not know of the things you do to my heart. Seriously. I just can’t with you .///. I need to reblog this meme… I need to give Sora my feels in return lol As for a pic I should show you lol]

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thehuntressofthenight whispered: Being cuddled, the petite girl smiled and cuddled back. "Nee, how have you been?"


Sora gave the female a sweet smile as he cuddled back ” i’ve been alright, tired with work here and there, but otherwise okay. ” the brunet buried his face on to Atremisa’s hair as he cuddled her.