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Headcanon meme~ ▷


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Halloween-RS♥ !!!!

yeahbiteRikuSora!Rikuwasabadboydsgfdhwewi !!°\‿\°)7

" so i went on a mission to rather strange worlds lately."
" first was a normal world where not so normal students live. i mean all they ever think about is volleyball? and i mean.. what is volleyball? when i watched how they play, i noticed it was a bit similar to blitz ball, so i gave it a try. apparently.. they said i was good at tossing? then this scary looking guy glared daggers at me! "
" second... woah. strange world... i bumped into a guy named Aoba and man was he blue... and i mean blue hair and clothes! his dog is blue too.... aa- i tagged along with him then we met his friend who took a liking ... to my hair?? and i mean, how weird is that?! he was dressed like Auron! even brings a sword behind his back but his job is a... freaking hairdresser! "
" ugh.. as for the third world... its was creepy... and ugh.. gross... theres these 'ghouls' that eat people... and theres this weirdo pervert ghoul who kept smelling me.. he said i smelled like Can.. Kano... Kane.. something? he sure is annoying as hell. following me everywhere i go. i know he's one of the 'ghoul' though because a girl named Touka whom i bumped to -after arriving in the world- while she was eating explained it to me. she was also the one who helped me around there. she's a bit scary at times but she's really nice. "


"Um… Leon I don’t think so. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ran into anyone from the Restoration Comittee… well… actually, I think I remember meeting an Aerith." Sora paused. "As for Lea… suprisingly, the times I met Axel’s they were still a Nobody, but I think I did meet a version of Lea once." He frowned.

"I’ve met a looot of people over the time I’ve been a neko. So it’s kinda hard to remember all of them sometimes. I’ve met a lot of this one guy named Vanitas, though. A few versions of Roxas too… I actually kinda dated a Roxas that was a vampire at one point… It’s a long story…"


" i see, well, i guess Leon is a one of a kind if he doesn’t have alts. " Sora laughed. Remembering the stoic man. 

" hey! do you wanna go on an adventure together sometime, maybe? " 

♛ Dorky Sora | unmeinohikari



Sora shook his head ” nu-uh, no likey ” Sora then jumpoed from the first floor to the top of the stairs, it seemed that his training paid off ” ha! now try to catch me! ” the brunet was standing at the top of the stairs, hand on his hip as he laughed in a victorious tone


▒▒♛— ;;

      ❝Oh you are starting, a battle..that I will win..

Uncuffing part of the ascot around his neck, making
sure that it was nice and loose for him to catch up with
the brunet boy. Another piece of royal—restricting- cloths
were placed on the side. Okay with velvet jacket off, the
Vampire Lord was finally ready to play this game of mouse
and cat. Running up the stairs, chasing after him;

You can try, but—I hate loosing! 

" oho~? really ? you sure you’re not mistaken there? " Sora knew that his bestfriend Riku was better that him but this world’s Riku can’t be the same right? and besides, Sora spent almost 1 year training so he was sure he got better. 

before the other could get near him and close the space a bit, Sora addedd more speed to his running, jumping like a cat when needed.

" well, too bad, i’m in no mood to lose either! " Sora grinned mischievously as he ran further away from the vampire.

vampireriku said: "I rather not, this wall seems really nice.."


 [ Elk Head ] 


" y-you! are you going back here or i’m not going to answer you? it’s your choice! "



" well i do… i-i-i mean.. dont your heart get- " the brunet then had started to do some animated expression and hand motions " dokuun! whenever you start to like someone? then you get this kyuuuu feeling in your tummy and whenever you’re with them? or even have your heart feel like its gonna explode like gagyuun! when you decide to confess… " turning away from the silveret , Sora saw the animals approaching closer.

He nods with Riku’s notes and reached out a hand to pet the furry creatures.

" i see.. " Sora nods again as he looks at the elderly like animal whom Riku called ‘sensei’. " Domo! " he bows at the creature with a heartwarming smile " Thank you for welcoming me! "

" e-eh- " Sora closed his eyes and smiled sheepishly, " aaaa… but… it’s not… " the brunet now places his hand on his chin in deep thought, also quite troubled " i don’t really look like some animal with my hair no, do i? "


♛ || Had he known about the gagyuun feeling the other spoke so quickly about? Of course, it’s been a moment since he acknowledged his feelings for the younger male, but Riku was a gentle about it. He’d never push nor rush the issue when moments like this was so very special to him. A gentle smile graced the pale visage of the man as he listened to the brunet meet and greet the others. A brush of his fingers into the chocolate locks he held dear. Lilac kissed locks shook as he said his answer. "I have..then again kind of missing the heart thing ya know Haha.." Sad realization to the fact that he was not warm and inviting as Sora was. 

     "Hey now, you don’t resemble an animal..Elder, please be kind to him. He’s my friend.."  The elk tilted his head to the side, wondering was the other meaning it in the same context as he was seeing it; nodding finally. Riku sighed before glancing to Sora once more, "He states he’s sorry, been a long time since a human as kind as you has shown up here.." Of course the Lord was not counted, since his birth into the world was not of human flesh. Hince, making Sora the only human they ever met.

     Pleased with what has been shown to him, Riku took a moment to glance at the skyline that laid hidden behind the trees. Every human in the nearby village was preparing for their harvest, which in turn was the time Riku would have to attend the Social Meeting. "Hey uh..Sora..I know it would be a bummer for you. But mind being my guest at the Human Fest tonight? It’s formal for me, but I know you can wear what you like..I don’t really want to to attend alone..The meetings are rather boring alone.."

Snapping out of his blushing daze, he turned to look at Riku with a raised brow ” uh, i’m pretty sure Vampires need heart to function just like humans? even though it’s not beating? and that’s your weakpoint right? as i heard from other world that is. ” that what Sora stated was true as he heard from other worlds where vampires also exist that if you stab them in the heart, they die. Maybe it was different here? the brunet wondered.

" ah, so it’s really been that long that they last saw a human huh… " Sora wondered, staring at the Elk. Reaching out a hand slowly, " can i touch him? " the brunet asked excitedly, yet in a calm tone. He wouldn’t show his excitement of course. He was not a kid.

When he heard the Vampire speak up, the keyblade wielder asked, furrowing his brows. Je looked at Riku seriously and squinted his eyes. Examining the other, he wondered what he meant. a few seconds gone by before he decided to finally speak ” is this human fest you say, a party with humans? or ‘of’ humans… i don’t want to eat human meat. “ 


"Huh? Oh well alright then."

The blond sits there, simply staring at him until he finishes before slowly smiling and nodding. “Yeah I think that it fits you. You’re my pretty little songbird~” Reaching out he ruffles Sora’s hair and leans back.

" guess i am~ " 

Sora smiled and stood up from his seat ” so ~? where do you wanna go next? ” the brunet asked curiously, he finally found a time to relax and he was glad he was spending it with roxas.

Reunion ║ Unmei-no-hikari




" i-it’s just…. man i feel stupid, " the brunet scratched his head obviously embarrassed as he also felt awkward. Being all alone all this time, took a toll on Sora, he found it difficult to even communicate to people now.

Sora wnated to ask so many questions yet his mind is telling him other wise. What good would it bring if he asks those kind of questions anyway? and he shouldn’t be thinking about his friend that way.

Sora remembered his past time when he finishes his mission early, he didn’t know why but something inside him just loved that place ” uhh.. how about we go up? ” he pointed at the clock tower. ” we do have a lot of catching up to do…. ” He said awkwardly as he jumped on the wall of the clock tower, and ran to reach the top. As he arrived, the brunet sat at his usual spot, gazing at the sunset waiting for Riku to follow.

A sigh and a shake of his head, for Riku knew the other was far from stupid. Naive at times, he’ll admit, but never stupid and always honest. Hues followed that pointed finger to the clock tower, giving a nod before watching the other ascend upwards. He followed as well, choosing to jump and make the trip more quickly. He took his place next to Sora, folding a knee to his chest while the other leg lightly swung over the ledge as he sat.

"So… discover anything new out there?" he asked softly, looking over to the brunet.


" … " Sora turned his blank gaze downward to his hands as the other spoke up. What should he tell him though? Yes he did discover new things. From other worlds. As for new abilities? Sora won’t talk about that. Especially he discovered how to merge the darkness that would seep out of him into a fireball, thinking thatit might lessen the darkness a bit.

finally turning to Riku in what seems to be a few minutes, Sora spoke, still in deep thought as he did ” yea, i discovered some stuff which was quite nice and fun. and others, are just plain…. creepy. “ 

Heart of the Music ║ Unmei no hikari [AU]




" don’t worry! i’ll take care of you! " he quickly took off his apron, packed his things up, dropping his wallet on the way, good thing Yuffie saw it and gave it to him " a-ah-! thanks Yuffie! " he went to the staff room where the computer for log ins are located and quickly Timed out.

Finally he was out and all ready to go, ” bye, Tiff! Yuff! ” he motioned the other to follow him as he slowly walked behind the Cafe to get his bike. Unchaining it, Sora started talking ” i usually take my bike to go home, but today, i’ll make an exemption, i’ll just bring this at the storage room, then we can take the bus to get home. “

Finishing up with his task, the brunet finally went out of the building again and motioned the other again to start walking to the bus stop. A moment of silence surrounded the two until Sora remembred, he doesn’t know the other’s name yet, thus he spoke to break the silence ” uhh, so… i haven’t got your name yet..? ” he scratched his head awkwardly.

♫║: There was a small huff through his nose, for who did he need to take care of him? His head shook again to get rid of the thought, having gone over it multiple times in his head already. He did have a right to doubt though, seeing as the kid had an air of clumsiness and forgetfulness around him and it gave to the ebb of the idea that the silveret might end up babysitting this kid instead of the other way around.

The musician waited for the waiter to finish up, and only having spoken when addressed once more along their way to the bus stop. That was right, he never did give the kid his name, even at the conversation they had at the table.

"It’s Riku," he answered briefly. "And yours is Sora, right?" At least that’s what he thought he overheard from the others working in the restaurant.


" Riku?! " Sora blinked for a bit, then smiled widely " that’s so cool! our names i mean! " as the bus arrived, the brunet paused for for a bit, giving the people exiting the bus a change to step off the bus properly. When there was no more passenger that was exiting the bus, Sora hopped in gave the fare and took a seat.

" i mean our names, mine is Sora which means, sky.. and yours Riku. It means land if i remember correctly. " he read the name in his book just a year back, it was one of the few name/word he couldn’t erase from his mind.

" oh yeah, when we get home, Mom might ask you a lot of questions, im just assuming because that’s what she always do when classmates come over for some project. she kept thinking im friends with everyone. " he laughed