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"This place seems so empty… Where did everyone go…"

( o _ o)/

" I’m here "


it's a good thing you never feared flames
because suddenly you're burning alive

{ in the darkness: will interact later. }

Heart of the Music ║ Unmei no hikari [AU]



" woah, you o- " before he could finish the Silveret had begun talking and Sora just blinked in confusion


" Joke? but.. im not.. ???? " he tilted his head on the side and furrowed his brows in deep thought.

Some of the other staff in the cafe, face palmed, seeing as Sora was too Honest and Naive. A flying newspaper came and hit Sora in the head. Hard. It came from the counter. “ow! “

Tifa glared at Sora and said something about not just deciding to bring home a stranger.

" but, if we can be friends then he won’t be a stranger anymore! and i wanna be his friend. " the brunet replied with a smile which received another hopeless sighs and face palms from his co-workers.

When the silveret stood up and started to walk away, Sora got up and Quickly blocked his path ” c’mon, don’t be like that! i just want to help! ” he looked at the aqua blue-green eyes of the silver haired male, with his sincere and honest deep blue ones.He really wanted to help the guitarist, since the first day he had saw him.

♫║: Eyes of the other patrons were on him as he made his exit, already hearing the whispers and gossip that would surround the restaurant if not the general vicinity for the time to come. Word would spread quickly of either the ‘ungrateful homeless man’ or possibly the ‘insulting restaurant.’ Either way, this publicity was going to hurt him more now, having to switch locations and ‘lay low’ for awhile, of one could even call it that. No one looked upon the low to begin with, and with the pull of his hood, he could become lower than that. Invisible to onlookers and the spare dime now.

Though the brunet was smaller he made up for it with speed, honestly surprising the other male when he blocked the door. His downfall was when he met those blue hues. There was just… something in them that managed to take his doubts. Was it honesty? That concept was so rare nowadays that the silveret had nearly forgotten what it was. Hard to believe something that barely real. This earned a sigh, lowering the tone of his own voice somewhat before he spoke once more.

"Look," he began. "How can I even trust you?" A gloved hand pulled the strap of his pack higher upon his shoulder, guitar gripped firmly in the other. "What are you really trying to do?"


" eh? " Sora blinked for a few seconds, processing what the other just said. " well, you just can? I’m not a bad person after all.. well, i may be a little bit stubborn but, i can assure you i’m a trustworthy person! " the brunet spoke in a loud yet calm tone, fully unaware of the people looking at them.

In the back, Sora’s Boss, Tifa, was scolding Sora about ‘people can’t just trust someone whom they just met’ followed by calling Sora an idiot ” h-hey! im not an idiot! ” the brunet replied towards the woman.

Turning back to to the silveret, he gave a stare to the musician ” that’s why i told you, i want to help you! what else would i try to do anyway? ” Sora just closed his eyes in deep thought. Exactly what else will he do anyway? 

vampireriku whispered: "I rather not, this wall seems really nice.."



" y-you! are you going back here or i’m not going to answer you? it’s your choice! "



-♛- }"I see no problem in telling a person how one feels.." He says calmly while looking at all the animals gather to see who was Sora and just why was he brought there by Riku. Though they trusted the man’s judgement in people to come and see them, it still caused them to wonder just why the male was there in the first place. Though two little rabbits seemed to be more curious in Sora than Riku could have ever imaged, 

-♛- }"They love to hug and nuzzle, so don’t be afraid.." He says calmly while looking at the older of the animals, an elk of some breed greeted Riku with a small butting of the head. The taller of the two started to smile, seeing as they hadn’t forgot him and was allowing him to show the key blader his secret. "This one here is like that father to them all, he has not a name. So I call his Sensei, since he comes off to me like he know everything.." A small fang like smile showed on his face, making him seem more dark than what he was tying, though that was the least of Sora’s problems. And it wasn’t like Riku would have hurt him anyway, he just couldn’t. 

-♛- }"Oh I guess he can’t speak to you, but he says welcome human.." The vampire translated to the other while standing in between them both. One the brunet on one side getting looked at and hugged by the rabbits, while the other a large elk looking at Sora and his hair. "He thinks you have antlers like he does, but I don’t want to tell him that’s your spikes."

" well i do… i-i-i mean.. dont your heart get- " the brunet then had started to do some animated expression and hand motions " dokuun! whenever you start to like someone? then you get this kyuuuu feeling in your tummy and whenever you’re with them? or even have your heart feel like its gonna explode like gagyuun! when you decide to confess… " turning away from the silveret , Sora saw the animals approaching closer.

He nods with Riku’s notes and reached out a hand to pet the furry creatures.

" i see.. " Sora nods again as he looks at the elderly like animal whom Riku called ‘sensei’. " Domo! " he bows at the creature with a heartwarming smile " Thank you for welcoming me! "

" e-eh- " Sora closed his eyes and smiled sheepishly, " aaaa… but… it’s not… " the brunet now places his hand on his chin in deep thought, also quite troubled " i don’t really look like some animal with my hair no, do i? "


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unmei-no-hikari whispered: " ha! " *points accusingly* " I finally managed to make you blush! " Sora huffed. Proud of himself with the small achievement





▒▒♛— ;;

            ❝S-Sora, t-that doesn’t count!!

All of his maids and butlers seemed to giggle at
Sora’s antics with their master. Such an amazing
thing to have committed, making him blush a bright
red color, though he was pale as the moon during
a harvest season. Riku moved to poke the other’s
cheeks playfully, wanting to make the same red—color;

How about I make you blush now! 


When Sora felt a poke on his cheeks he just grinned and jumped away “nyahahahaha make meeeeeeeeeeee” 


▒▒♛— ;;

            ❝Hey get back here!!

Chasing after him to squish his cheeks, because
this boy was going to be the death of him. Yet, he 
was not going to give up the battle of who was more
blushy than the other—of course not!

Come back here, I’m not done yet!

Sora shook his head ” nu-uh, no likey ” Sora then jumpoed from the first floor to the top of the stairs, it seemed that his training paid off ” ha! now try to catch me! ” the brunet was standing at the top of the stairs, hand on his hip as he laughed in a victorious tone